“Christopher Lowell captures both the joyful spirit and the historical truth of Benjamin Franklin in an engaging manner.” -- Walter Isaacson, Prize-winning biographer, author of Benjamin Franklin, An American Life

“Your Franklin is the best I have ever seen.”
— Gordon S. Wood, Pulitzer Prize winning historian, author of The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin

“If there ever was an embodiment of the spirit of founder extraordinaire Ben Franklin, it’s Christopher Lowell. Of all the Franklins out there, he is the best! As a direct descendant of Ben Franklin who has “compleated” his Autobiography, I salute him. Lowell’s passion for history, science, politics, and the arts makes for an unforgettable evening, all with an unsurpassed joie de vivre. His felicity of expression, sometimes in impeccable French, has never been duplicated by Franklin imitators."
— Mark Skousen, Professor of Economics, Columbia University, NYC, NY, author of The Compleated Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

“You were magnificent, through and through…you emphasized education, making a useful life through practical problem solving, and service to the common good…. an extraordinary day of learning! Thank you for nourishing the spirit of us all.”
— Paul Geise, Headmaster, Pine Point School, Stonington, CT

“To colleagues everywhere: We have just had a multi-day visit from Christopher Lowell, portraying Benjamin Franklin in character and costume for our schools. It may well have been the best educational investment we’ve ever made in this district. His interaction with our students was terrific and in the Q&A sessions, the involvement and enthusiasm of the audiences were delightful to behold.”
— Michael Kuchar, Ed.D.,Superintendent of Schools, Bergenfield (NY) Public Schools

“Christopher Lowell appeared as Benjamin Franklin for the Library of Hattiesburg, Petal and Forrest County, Mississippi and, simply put, he exceeded every expectation. Our grand opening that evening was the most successful program in the history of the Library. People were literally sitting on the floor (over 200 showed up for 150 chairs.) Chris’s attention to making sure he understood exactly what we wanted was impressive and the only question concerning his performance was who was most impressed: the teachers, Gordon Wood (a noted Franklin biographer) or me. Chris did a wonderful job, both in this prepared presentation of Franklin’s life and the more spontaneous Q & A with the audience. I would without hesitation encourage you have Chris appear as Benjamin Franklin at any public function.”
— Sean Farrell, Assistant Director, Hattiesburg Library, MS

“Chris’s portrayal of Ben Franklin is an absolute show stopper! He is interesting, humorous, and thought provoking. He can tailor his presentation to your group’s interest, message or needs. He is a huge value, travels well and is low maintenance. He speaks French fluently as did Mr. Franklin. You will love Christopher Lowell as Ben Franklin whether you are an American history buff or a first-timer!”
— Spence Walden, Event Planner, General Manager, Red Lion Inn, Denver, CO

“I don’t believe in reincarnation, but from 4 PM on Nov. 17th 2009 to about 6 PM I believed that Chris Lowell was Ben Franklin, America’s most famous entrepreneur and one if its first angel investors. So did the several hundred other entrepreneurs, advisors and investors attending the Angel Capital Summit. Chris’ presence and presentation marked PAID on anything that anyone attending the ACS thought that they might yet have been owed. If you’re looking for a stress-free choice for a speaker that will build your brand and brand loyalty for years to come, I’d heartily recommend Chris Lowell for any business gathering."
— Kevin Johansen, Denver, CO Founder, The Angel Capital Summit Kevin@AngelCapitalSummit.org.

“I’d like to thank you for a spectacular performance at the Angel Capital Summit. Kevin mentioned “you are good,” but I don’t think that any of us had any idea just how good! Your commitment to your character is amazing, your knowledge truly astonishing, and your presence as Ben Franklin is a gift to anyone who has the pleasure of your company in that role.
— Maita Lester, Executive Director Rockies Venture Club, Denver CO

“A standing ovation to Chris Lowell! Wise, witty, wonderful! Ben Franklin’s appearance at our dinner was the icing on the conference cake."
— Starr Snead, Executive Director, Advanced Program Council, Washington, D.C.

“Your performance at our fundraiser helped motivate Borough Council to keep our doors open. Performing for the oldest continuously operating public library in the country, a library inspired by Ben himself, couldn’t have been easy. Your knowledge and ability to bring Ben back to life was amazing. I was told by those in attendance that you were the best Ben Franklin they’d ever seen. Even though it has been over a year, we still talk about you and the excellent program you gave. You are a generous and inspiring speaker."
— Susan Borders, Director, Darby Free Library, Darby, PA (established 1743)

“Your CLE presentation as Ben Franklin was a terrific blend of insight, legal and otherwise, and showmanship. Your presentation was exciting and informative!”
— Michael O’Donnell, Partner, Wheeler,Trigg, Kennedy, Denver, CO

“On a scale of 1 to 10, you scored a 12! Your presentation was masterful!”
— Hunter Frost, Theater Dept. Chair, retired, Colorado Springs, CO

“Thank you again, so much, for your fantastic programs here in Montrose! The presentation exceeded my expectations — you were so convincing and entertaining and informative. I’m pleased that the community response was so positive as well.”
— Tania Hajjar – Director, Montrose, CO Public Library

“As interpreted by Christopher Lowell, in costume and character, Ben has come to the Freedom Library in Yuma, AZ three times!  We invited Chris to be the principal speaker at a fund raising event and he was terrific — so in character that you’d swear our favorite Founding Father was actually interacting with the audience. Chris is that rare combination of actor, teacher and historian, and answers questions with total command of Ben’s life with wit and depth. I would recommend him without hesitation to any group looking for a vibrantly alive reminder of our nation’s history and how that history resonates today.”
— Howard J. Blitz, Founder and President, The Freedom Library, Inc

“There is a powerful difference in “impersonating” someone and being in character so deeply that you “become” that character. Christopher Lowell was remarkably convincing as Benjamin Franklin. Lowell’s “Franklin” recreated a character who looked the part, knew the history, and even flirted shamelessly with the women as Ben was wont to do. The World Information Network crowd loved the presentation — Chris brought them to their feet three times for standing ovations DURING the performance — and the feedback to me has been spectacular. The message focused on the qualities necessary to succeed in business and life and was a perfect fit for an audience of entrepreneurs. It was especially impressive when the audience had an opportunity to ask questions and hear immediate and accurate answers regarding issues from nearly three centuries past. Several attendees said that Chris was the best speaker we’ve ever had and look forward to inviting him back. He is unsurpassed in creating a believable character. I give this speaker a two thumbs up as a historian and entertainer, for he brought his character to life and thrilled us all while elevating the level of energy for our event. Thank you Chris…oh pardon…Ben.”
— George Peintner, Leader of World Information Network

“I recently attended a Benjamin Franklin performance by Christopher Lowell in Colorado Springs. It was simply FANTASTIC. He described his time in France securing support for the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. His performance was thoroughly informative and humorous. After an intermission, the performance got even better when he took many questions from the audience answering each one with ease. By the end of the evening I completely forgot that I was listening to an actor and not the real Benjamin Franklin.”
— Jeff Schneider, President, Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting Services (EFA Services, Inc.)

“On behalf of Temple Beit Torah, I would like to thank you for your masterful performance as Benjamin Franklin at our Temple’s fundraising event. You were amazing! Not only was everyone enthralled with your presentation, but we have received several phone calls and emails extolling the magnificence of your performance… The people that we had on the panel included a sitting District Court judge, a lawyer whose ongoing study is the Colonial period, and a two-time Fulbright scholarship recipient who has taught history all over the globe. You impressed each and every one of them. As for myself, a Constitutional Scholar not easily impressed,  you not only impressed me with your knowledge, but stunned me with your dead-on performance! Thank you again for an amazingly wonderful evening. We would love to have you back again!”
— Felicia Spirio, Temple Beit Torah Board of Directors, Sisterhood President, Colorado Springs, CO

“For a full month, Mr. Lowell performed multiple one-man shows as Ben Franklin with great skill and conviction at the 2012 LA County Fair in Pomona, CA., the largest such fair in the nation. He performed five days a week, three times each day, performing monologues and interacting with our customers. At all times, he remained in character and was a most convincing Ben Franklin…All aspects of his performances were spot on…We were most satisfied with Mr. Lowell’s contributions to the success of our exhibition and would highly recommend him to any organization.”
— Dale Coleman, VP Business Development and Chief Revenue Officer, LA County Fair

“You turned future heads of state into enchanted children for a precious half hour that they’ll never forget (nor will I) for the rest of their lives. An amazing recreation of Franklin!”
— Shari Segall, Professeur, École des Sciences Polytechniques, Paris, France

“In dealing with different age groups as Ben, you are unsurpassed!”
— David Hannon, Development Director, Pine Point School, Stonington, CT

“What you do makes a difference in the lives of children. Your presentations are an event they will never forget.”
— Elma Ruiz, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Denver Public Schools

“I am writing to express how satisfied I and my theater were to produce Christopher Lowell in “Ben Franklin’s Tea Party.” This production, crafted by Chris and our artistic director, ran for seven consecutive performances. The cast included four present-day panelists representing four different political ideologies. Our panelists quizzed Ben first, then the audience had its turn. The evening initially felt like a press conference, but as the evening progressed I was conscious of the emerging theatrical phenomenon. The event resonated with the audience; we were rooting for Ben and always on his side. Furthermore, I found myself on the edge of my seat as the evening developed because of the near-improvisational quality that created a natural theatrical tension. I was rapt, thinking “What will happen next?,” “Will Ben be stumped?”, and “How will he handle that one?” Add to the mix that Chris Lowell is one of the finest actors I know and you get one crackling evening of theater. Chris is a pillar of professionalism and good energy. He is as relaxed offstage as he is on. He says what he needs and asks nothing more of your theater and staff. He’s a producer’s dream. Finally, “Ben Franklin’s Tea Party” is one of those shows that producers cherish. Here you have a low — cost, technically straightforward production that media love to cover and that energizes audiences. The show sold like gangbusters and we sold out nearly every performance. Best of all, however, the audience felt totally connected to the work and totally satisfied with the production.”
— Drew Martorella, Executive Director, THEATREWORKS, Colorado Springs, CO

“You really gave our K-6 kids something special they won’t forget! Thanks so much!”
— John Heidel, Principal, Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, AZ

“Thank you for your energetic, polished Ben Franklin performance. We all loved it and learned a great deal, both about Ben Franklin and about the American Dream!”
— Harriett Napierkowski, Ph.D., Professor of English, U. of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

“You really captured the spirit of our school! Terrific!”
— Rev. George Andrews, Headmaster, St. Andrews School, Boca Raton, FL

“Thank you for such a convincing portrayal and inspired interpretation. Judy and I are privileged to have made your acquaintance. Thank you…for bringing an incredible founding father to 21st Century life!”
— Stephen Jones, President, Urbana University, Urbana, OH

“Les personnes qui ont eu la chance d’assister à la présentation que vous avez faite au Lycée Benjamin Franklin d’Orléans ont manifesté leur enthousiasme et ont loué la grande qualité de la conférence et votre présence scénique. Ce fut, pour tous, une magnifique expérience…”
— Jennifer Bullock, Attachée Culturelle adjointe, Ambassade des États-unis, Paris

“I am writing to express our profound thanks for the wonderful presentation Benjamin Franklin made to our superintendents in Alexandria, VA two weeks ago. We are deeply in your debt…Your remarks resonated deeply with these school superintendents…Ben’s reminder of the democratic ends of schooling was a welcome and credible relief from what they’ve been hearing…Throughout the meeting and subsequently, our members repeatedly referred back to your presentation.”
— James Harvey, Executive Director, National Superintendents Roundtable (Note: this is a national organization of Superintendents of Schools)

“Every year, I try to have a special presentation for my clients and your performance was one of the best! My clients are still, several years later, talking about it!! Your knowledge and expertise on all things Benjamin Franklin is quite impressive. You truly bring Ben back to life!
— Arthur Weiss, CPA, Financial Advisor, FSC Securities Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

“Dear Fellow School District Administrators: You will spend your money wisely if you hire Chris Lowell to visit your school district! His rendition of Benjamin Franklin is terrific, and his knowledge base is extremely strong. Dr. Franklin spent a little over a week in Lebanon School District, visiting elementary and secondary schools, and other community functions including Family Night Out, Rotary Student of the Month Luncheon, and our Friends of Education Banquet. All of our students had an opportunity to learn from him, as he brought history to life. Students, teachers, and families all commented favorably on his visit, and learned a great deal about his life and its relevance today. Dr. Franklin made such an impression on our community that our Mayor presented him with a “Key to the City” upon his departure. Without a doubt, a visit from Dr. Franklin is a worthwhile learning experience.”
— Marianne T. Bartley, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Lebanon (PA) School District

“Within two hours of your time before the elementary school audience, you were at the Dakota State University student convocation, speaking to 500 students, faculty and staff. People commented that it was the largest crowd they had seen at a DSU convocation; the theater was full and many were standing. Again, the audience was impressed with Dr Franklin and his description of his “road to the Constitution.” You are adept at focusing on a particular theme for a particular event – such as this convocation speech about the Constitution (presented to students during Constitution Week) and the slavery/abolition theme presented to U.S. History students later the same day. Your performances were attuned to each audience and age group and were varied in theme and content. Your ability to respond to audience questions with historically accurate answers regarding Franklin’s life and times and to remain in character whenever in costume was impressive. Also, your flexibility, relaxed style, and friendliness made it easy to work with you.”
— Risë L. Smith,Digital Design & Access Librarian, Dakota State University, SD

“We hired Chris for a two day speaking engagement in our school system…I had high expectations for him, and he managed to exceed them…Chris shows his commitment to his work by never leaving character during his day, entering the school as Ben Franklin and continuing that persona throughout. He speaks to the level…and is so well-versed on Ben’s life that no matter the topic, and there were many, he would, off the cuff, give an outstanding performance seemingly on a whim, although I know it took years of study and practice...Chris spoke to our staff and again was superb. He answered student and faculty questions with wit and an amazing awareness of Ben’s life, both factual and philosophical…All present were much impressed by every aspect of Chris’ performance. They were especially impressed by his ability to handle difficult questions with charisma and character. To sum up…I would simply say that he gave our students and staff a wonderful educational experience. If he were to be performing again as Ben in the area, I would attend and would encourage everyone I knew to do the same.”
— Scott Mazour, Principal, Cedar Hollow School, Grand Island, NE

"Your presentation reignited cherished emotions of patriotism. You skillfully portrayed the embodiment of Benjamin Franklin himself. We could feel him standing before us relating his emotions as he created his inventions and steered a rambunctious nation toward a destiny never before attained in the history of civilization. Our members were entranced by your depiction of Franklin. The chatter of the Membership after your presentation was very rewarding to me. Comments such as “I was amazed as he stayed in character throughout the Question & Answer period, ” and “His knowledge of Ben Franklin was extraordinary,” resounded throughout the coffee break. I was delighted in the way the members ambushed you with more and more questions as you emerged from the classroom. You are a superbly talented person that has found a niche that you obviously enjoy and give it your all. My thanks and appreciation for a program well done.”
— Richard Blanchette Founder, Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM), Lady Lake, FL  

"Christopher Lowell becomes Benjamin Franklin to such an extent that you would swear that Franklin has traveled to our century in a time machine of his own invention (after all, he is Dr. Franklin). There is no question about Franklin's life that Mr. Lowell cannot answer in the most fascinating detail, even minor particulars that no one would ever think to ask but become woven into a response that is both highly entertaining and packed with historical significance. From the uncanny resemblance to the well known mannerisms to the use of the cane to the tone of his voice, Mr. Lowell as Benjamin Franklin is the perfect occasion for a classroom of intrigued students, a colonial event, a Revolutionary War-themed show or simply to celebrate a personal milestone. As someone who has taught non-credit courses at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Christopher Lowell is, simply put, the best Benjamin Franklin I have ever seen. Mark Croatti, Director, the Treaty of Paris Center, Annapolis, Maryland"

” We have never before written a letter in support of someone as charming and intellectually stimulating as Ben Franklin, but we find ourselves in that position when writing about Chris Lowell today. Is Mr. Lowell is as winning and knowledgeable as Mr. Franklin? Yes, they are one and the same… Is he as good at working a crowd, as professional in his presentation, as quick to connect with his audience, and as sure-handed in sizing up each individual guest as was his eighteenth century mentor? Once again, they are one and the same. Chris Lowell IS Benjamin Franklin. The printer-author-scientist-inventor-diplomat and quintessential American comes to life in the person of Chris Lowell. He stands before you, crossing the centuries with the ease of a time traveler, relating to you and your contemporary issues as only Franklin could have done. Never is he out of character… So convincing is this man that if he were to strip down for an air bath right there on the balcony of some stately venue, we believe that no-one would bat an eye. How do we know these things? He was our honored speaker for “An Evening with Benjamin Franklin,” November 3, 2012, a benefit for High Plains Chautauqua, Greeley’s much-admired public history week sponsored by Colorado Humanities every August. We were co-directors of the benefit, and we can say from personal experience that Chris Lowell is a delightful scholar/actor with whom to work. In addition to being thoroughly professional, he is easy to work with and generous with his time in answering questions and posing for photos with delighted guests. And as a long-time teacher, he never misses an opportunity to converse with students of all ages, encouraging each one of them to become a young historian in the making. We have been actively involved in planning and presenting High Plains Chautauqua for over ten years. In that time span we have met and worked with perhaps 100 professional scholar/actors. We would recommend Chris Lowell in the very top echelon of all of them. He is among the very best.”
— Ron and Thelma Edgerton, Co-Directors, High Plains Chautauqua, Greeley, CO

"...a terrific speaker!...knows everything one could possibly want to know about Ben Franklin and he presents it all with enthusiasm...I learned so much...Our residents are retired professionals, many of whom were academics..they were fully engaged.  At Frazier, we have many programs and speakers and Chris was one of the best. The interests that Ben Franklin had in health, "wellness," and his contributions to community and nation all struck chords among our residents...I highly recommend him." --Ellen Cotts, Chair, Lyceum Lecture Series, Frasier Meadow Retirement Community, Boulder, CO