The privilege of being able to contribute to worthy causes and organizations was one that Ben cherished. And his ability to rally others to support such efforts helped create the first public library, the University of Pennsylvania, the first organized Fire Department and Insurance Company, and the first hospital in Philadelphia. For your group, Ben will deliver a rousing call to action that will both engage and inspire.

“Thank you for performing at our fund-raiser. Your knowledge and ability to bring Ben back to life was amazing. I was told by those in attendance that you were the best Ben Franklin they’d ever seen.”
Susan Borders, Director, Darby Free Library, Darby, PA (established 1743)

“A standing ovation to Chris Lowell! Wise, witty, and wonderful,  Ben Franklin’s appearance at our dinner was the icing on the conference cake.”
Starr Snead, Executive Director, Advanced Program Council, Washington, D.C.